Shipped Products

Good news - We now ship nationwide! 

Can't make it out to New Mexico to enjoy your favorite sourdough bread? Or maybe you were able to visit us, but don't have a ton of space left in luggage to bring gifts back for friends and family?

We accept shipment orders between Monday and Wednesday at 5pm at any given week. 

We send our shipment orders through USPS the following Wednesday to ensure delivery before the weekend, with an exception for holidays.

On Wednesday, we'll send you an email or a text message to inform you that we've shipped your order. 

At any given week, shipment orders placed after the deadline (or between Wednesday at 5pm and Sunday at 11:59pm) will be shipped two weeks later on Wednesday.

For example, if a shipment order is placed between Monday 01/31 and Wednesday 02/02 at 5pm, we will ship the order the following Wednesday 02/09. If a shipment order is placed between Wednesday 02/02 and Sunday 02/06 the shipment order will be ship two weeks later on Wednesday 02/16.

DISCLAIMER: Refer to your tracking number and your local USPS office regarding your delivery. We ship to physical addresses only. 

Since your USPS package is insured, please file a USPS claim in case your package is lost/missing or arrives damaged. We're not responsible for the (mis)handling of USPS packages. 

We only use the United States Postal Service (USPS) which determines the shipment rate and the speed of your delivery. No other carrier. 



STEP 1: Place and pay your order at between Monday and Wednesday at 5 pm of any given week so we may ship your order the following Wednesday through USPS. 

STEP 2: Make sure you enter the correct email and phone number so you may receive your tracking number on the corresponding Wednesday. 

How to add more than one loaf for a specific sourdough bread? Great question! Please follow these two (2) steps to do so:

(1) Add your sourdough bread in your shopping cart by clicking on "ADD TO CART" then "VIEW CART"

(2) Click up the drop-down menu to increase the number of loaves OR enter manually the number of loaves you want 

IMPORTANT: We only ship UNSCLIDED LARGE loaves of bread. For shipping purposes, we will NOT slice them so you may receive your loaves of bread in their best condition. Kindly follow our suggestions below on how to keep your favorite sourdough fresh and tasty 

Please keep your favorite sourdough bread in a fridge or a freezer upon reception. Kindly follow our suggestions below on how to keep your favorite sourdough fresh and tasty.

Signature requirement. Customers will be required to sign upon deliveryWe ship perishable food items that must be kept in a fridge / a freezer, so we've set up a signature requirement. 

By placing your shipment order, you understand and agree with the terms of our shipping policy.



Kindly select the drop-down menu and scroll down until you see a loaf listed as LARGE loaves of bread. For example, a large loaf of our sourdough bread weighs 3 lbs. That's the only loaf of our original sourdough bread available for shipping. 

Please note that we can only ship to physical addresses and the handling fee is set for the signature requirement that guarantees that your shipment order is securely handed to you upon delivery. We'll only ship the sourdough bread listed below. 

By placing your shipment order, you understand and agree with the terms of our shipping policy



After receiving your loaves of sourdough bread, please keep them in either a fridge or a freezer. Keep your sourdough bread in a fridge for immediate and daily consumption. Place your sourdough bread in a freezer for longer and delayed usage.

For the fridge, store your sourdough bread in a sealed container/ bag. For the freezer, place your sourdough bread in a paper bag, then inside a sealed contained bag. Consider investing in a bread knife to help you slice your sourdough bread easily.

Toast a few slices of your sourdough bread for breakfast with organic butter, make a sandwich out of a loaf for lunch, or serve a few slices with dinner, rubbed with organic olive oil. Bon appétit! 

Thank you for supporting our local economy and our family business!
Below is the complete list of items we currently ship nationwide.