1000 Pounds Delivery from New Green Organics Farm

Our Head Baker André posing with Ed and Lupe Schneider from New Green Organics Farm located in Southern New Mexico. 

No Farmers, No Food ! We’re always so pleased to receive premium grains and ingredients from our local farmers and friends. Their high quality food products are the cornerstone of our food production. Thanks to their hard work and commitment to our local food economy, we’re able to offer you healthy, nutritious and delicious sourdough breads, pastries, cookies, sweets as well as soups and stews. 

 Recently, we received a delivery of about one thousand (1000) pounds of Heirloom Sonora Wheat from our farmers in Southern New Mexico: Ed and Lupe Schneider from New Green Organics Farm, a family owned business! 

Most local farmers are occupied in growing our favorite crops on the lands. As a result, they may not have a limited to no social media presence. And we won’t want it another way. 

The organic Heirloom Sonora Wheat is fresh milled and used for our croissants, our original sourdough bread, our country loaf and our sourdough baguettes, and some of our cookies. The Heirloom Sonora Wheat has a rich nutty buttery flavor with a light golden color. 

This year again, let's build a strong local food economy, one loaf at a time.

Bon appétit !

André & Jessica KEMPTON
Business Owners @wildleavenbakery


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