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Mr. André Kempton and his wife Dr. Jessica Kempton are holding freshly baked loaves of their sourdough bread at the shop.  (Photo copyright © Wild Leaven Bakery)


Established by Mr. André Kempton in 2012, Wild Leaven Bakery is a small family-owned and operated business that specializes in long-fermentation sourdough bread using organic, local grains and ingredients.

With his wife Dr. Jessica Kempton, by his side, Mr. Kempton aims to strengthen the local food economy in Northern New Mexico, one loaf at a time.

With the mission to strengthen healthy and resilient regional food security, Wild Leaven Bakery supports farmers and ranchers located in the Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado bioregion, while giving priority to heritage and heirloom grains. 

At Wild Leaven Bakery, we use a long fermentation process that comes with numerous benefits including delicious full sourdough flavors, lower glycemic index numbers, breakdown of anti-nutrients in grains like phytic acid, breakdown of gluten and carbohydrates by microorganisms, longer shelf life, and easier digestion. 

In addition to our Taos and Santa Fe shops, you may find our award-winning artisan sourdough bread and other baked goods at the Taos Farmers Market held from May through October on Saturday mornings.

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In the Press

Did you know? Wild Leaven Bakery has been featured on several media outlets such as Taos News, Santa Fe New Mexican, Albuquerque Journal, Edible New Mexico, and New Mexico magazine.

We're grateful and honored for the media support we've received throughout the years. For any media inquiries, please contact us here. Read below some of these articles and share the love! 


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We've the best customers! Read what they say:

"Love this bakery so much!! Congrats Andre and Jessica! We're so happy for you :)" ~ Susie & Joe

"Is your bread available for mail order yet? II had some passing through NM, but I live in CA. It was the most amazing bread I would really love to order some through the mail. Thanks! ~ Colleen C.

"Good morning! We were just talking with our son, who lives and works in Albuquerque. He was having breakfast. He was having your Rye-Sourdough bread with nuts and raisins! I asked, "WHERE did you get bread like that?" Whole Foods. Well, I have never seen any of that bread here in North Carolina. I absolutely LOVE bread and will choose it over dessert, IF it's a good bread.  ~ Doris S.

"Best bread I've ever tasted! Best bread in Taos! :)" ~ Mary T. 

"Your bread is amazing!" ~ Darci S

"It is a thrilling experience to shop in your store, such nice people, delicious, exceptional breads, and muffins, and caring I can taste. Thank you for being Artisans of regenerative living and bread." ~ Unknown name

"Great soup, and the bread was terrific" ~ Timothy R. 

"How lovely to have artisan bread at it's finest!!! A true labor of love..." ~ Ruth P. 

"Such kind, helpful staff. I was the only customer at that time, so we enjoyed happy and interesting conversation. It makes me so very happy to buy such nutritious, healthy, and oh-so-tasty breads and in such a natural, welcoming environment. Thank you so much for being here." ~ Marilyn N. 

"Welcome to the neighborhood! So glad you're here!" ~ Unknown name

"Wow!!!!" ~ Tresa V. 

"Congratulations on your bakery in Santa Fe. I wish you success. I love your bread and soups AND your commitment to using local foods. Thank you for the delicious sweet potato bisque soup!" ~ Wendy L. 

"Yum" ~ Alma F. 

"I bought a panettone on Saturday morning here in Santa Fe. So delicious. Haven’t had one this good since we lived in San Francisco in the 1970’s. Bravo Wild Leaven Bakery." ~ Ingrid H. 

"Healthy, delicious breads, lunches and sweet treats. This mostly sourdough bread -- everything from rye to walnut to gluten-free -- is really delicious." ~ Triboba

"Deliciousness" ~ Unknown name

"The best bread and soup in Santa Fe! Delicious butternut squash curry soup and Heirloom sourdough bread. Thank you!" ~ Wendy L. 

"We picked up a couple of loaves the first week they were open and are very likely to go back." ~ The Santa Fe Reporter 

"The bread is great, the cookies are incredible!" ~ Gini B.

"Addictive. We've been in Taos for two (2) weeks, and we're already losing track of how many times we've been to Wild Leaven Bakery. " ~ Triboba

"What a delight!!! I had a green Chile and cheese croissant yesterday and came back for more today! If it's that good, you have to tell people!" Lex P.

"Amazing bakery and lunches. If you want to eat a delicious lunch that is so affordable and healthy, then visit Wild Leaven Bakery. Pick up wonderful eats to take home as well. The smells are great as the staff." ~ Triboba

"The bread here is somehow simultaneously dense and airy, so moist and full of texture! We've tried bakeries all over Santa Fe and in San Francisco, and glad we drove to Taos for this one as it's now my favorite. We had read about this place in Edible New Mexico and appreciated how this small family-owned business supports local grains and farms. We also tried a bunch of pastries (Regular croissant, green Chile croissant, cinnamon swirl & Chile pecan bar). The star is really the bread, and we want to try all the varieties, and hear the soup is really good too!" ~ Kim N.

"This week, I noticed your breads at Natural Grocers. Purchased the sourdough and Fennel/Rye breads...and both are exceptional!!! I'm allergic to most flour Brea and had zero allergy symptoms with your products. Feel free to use this as a testimonial." ~ Tom R.

"This is by far the best bread I've ever had. I'm a bit of a bread fiend and living in N. Europe has given me an affinity for hearty whole grain loaves. And Wild Leaven doesn't disappoint. Long fermentations make it easier to digest and assimilate, and you can tell they put so much TLC into their work. Don't miss the fennel and molasses! Thank you for such beautiful creations." ~ Austin G.

"Wild Leaven in Taos NM offers amazing homemade soups, panini, pizza scones and bread! Wonderful vibe to eat in and feels like cheers where they know you by name. I love this place. Must stop in and enjoy the incredible food and wonderful people who put their heart into it!" ~ Rebecca H.

"We bought your sourdough bread at Natural Grocers in Albuquerque yesterday and it is fabulous. We are so happy to have found such a high-quality bread here. You should know it is the best bread we have ever tasted. And so happy it is low carb too, given the dietary restrictions we experience (pre-diabetes). Can't wait to get to Taos and see your bakery. Thanks again and keep Natural Grocers stocked with your products, please!" ~ Paulette & Dan

"We were in Taos 10 days ago and I found the bread at Cid's Market. The most amazing bread we've ever tasted. Real sourdough taste and pure ingredients. We have nothing like this in Boulder. Hard to believe. Do you ship? We'd love to place an order." ~ Mari N.

"I live in NYC, the city of great bread, and yet the sour dough here was the best I've ever had! Thank you for making something so delicious." ~ Sunita V.

"Great glutem free selections!"~ Carrie L.

"YUM!!! Wild yeasts. Organic grains. Homemade soups. Even a gluten free sourdough!!! Heavy rich breads. Tastings available. Bring cash. No credit. Wonderful helpful staff. Don't miss this tucked away bakery." ~ Betsy A.

"This is a must stop local bakery if you are in Taos. I travel there now and then and this is such a delicious spot, grab a baked good and walk downtown to check out all the cute stores. The bread is also just so delish! Love to bring home a loaf for soups, sammich, etc. The staff is great and it's awesome how you can see their whole set up right in front of you, gives you a sense of cleanliness." ~ Nyeema S.

"Different from the boules and batards you will see in many bakeries; this bread has a character that comes from where it is made. I appreciate the local inspiration behind it, rather than the baker trying to cater to the good but widely available French standard. However French pastries are also offered and are incredible. It's nice to eat bread with a sense of place!" ~Hudson G.

"Fresh and delicious! The homemade Dijon on my panini was best I have ever had! Wish I lived nearby but back to Sacramento, CA today. Sigh." Kelly C.

"I'm a baker and when I walked in, I knew this was really good bread. Stopped in for soup, bread and a pastry. Loved it all so much I hunted them down at the farmers market in town." ~ Andrew S.

"Got one of their pecan Chile squares at the farmers market. Amazing! Also had some of their sourdough and multigrain bread. Best I’ve ever tasted." ~ Matthew C.

"Incredibly delicious, filling, and nourishing food. It's so great to be able to sample all the artisan breads. Also, being able to watch the bakers at work makes for a very fulfilling experience. This place is very special!" ~ Francine B.

"Still stands out in my travels as I passed through town. Love the Taos area. This place is a gem and was referred to me by one of the locals. I am gluten intolerant, and the breads here gave me no troubles. Hope to visit again someday." ~ Nick T.

"This is the best bread I have ever had the great pleasure of eating. I am gluten sensitive and have no reaction at all to their bread." ~ Elena L.

"Best Bakery in Taos!" ~ Bone Head

"Huzzah! Your Panettone is excellent. Also, I have never had the pleasure of enjoying FRESH Christmas bread. Thank you. "  ~ Gino S.


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