Wild yeast, Better culture.

Farm to Bakery

We are a small family-owned and operated business that specializes in long fermentation artisan sourdough bread and baked goods using organic, local grains and ingredients.

With the mission to strengthen our strong local food economy, we support farmers and ranchers located in the Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado bioregion, while giving priority to heritage and heirloom grains.

Our offerings are available at our Taos and Santa Fe shops.

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"Amazing bakery"

If you want to eat a delicious lunch that is so affordable and healthy, then visit Wild Leaven Bakery. Pick up wonderful eats to take home as well. The smells are great as the staff.


"Nutritious, healthy and oh-so-tasty breads"

"Such kind, helpful staff. I was the only customer at that time, so we enjoyed happy and interesting conversation. It makes me so very happy to buy such nutritious, healthy, and oh-so-tasty breads and in such a natural, welcoming environment. Thank you so much for being here.

Marilyn N.

"No reaction at all"

"This is the best bread I have ever had the great pleasure of eating. I am gluten sensitive and have no reaction at all to their bread."

Elena L.

"Moist and full texture sourdough bread"

The bread here is somehow simultaneously dense and airy, so moist and full of texture! We've tried bakeries all over Santa Fe and in San Francisco, and glad we drove to Taos for this one as it's now my favorite. We appreciate how this small family-owned business supports local grains and farms. We also tried a bunch of pastries. The star is really the bread, and we want to try all the varieties, and hear the soup is really good too!

Kim N.

"Delicious panettone"

"I bought a panettone on Saturday morning here in Santa Fe. So delicious. Haven’t had one this good since we lived in San Francisco in the 1970’s. Bravo Wild Leaven Bakery"

Ingrid H.


Come visit our shop located in downtown Santa Fe from Wednesday thru Saturday, 8am - 2pm. We look forward to serving you!



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From our kitchen to yours, with love.

Our long fermentation process comes with benefits including delicious full sourdough flavors, lower glycemic index numbers, breakdown of anti-nutrients in grains like phytic acid, breakdown of gluten and carbohydrates by microorganisms, longer shelf life, and an easier digestion. 

Our offerings are available at our Taos and Santa Fe shops.

Why sourdough?

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Looking for something for someone special? A gift card to our store is the perfect idea! Our gift cards are redeemable to our Taos and Santa Fe shops.


Wild Leaven Bakery

[Santa Fe Shop] Get directions
Open Wed-Sat 8am-2pm

[Taos Shop] Get directions
Open Wed-Sat 9am-2pm

We're at the Taos Farmers Market from May thru October on Saturdays 8am -12:30pm

 We ship nationwide

Now available throughout Northern New Mexico

We've partnered with food stores located across Northern New Mexico for your convenience. Let's meet at the Taos Farmers Market held between May through October.


We Ship Nationwide

Our shipping program, which is temporarily closed for the holiday season 2021, will be reopen in January 2022. Register to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram for our latest updates.

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Bakers wanted

Do you enjoy making baking for others? Are you a good team player?


Wild Leaven Bakery is now in Santa Fe