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We service our valued customers on a first come first serve basis.

Prepaid Pre-orders. Great news! You can now place your prepaid preorder of any baked goods at our shops with our team. They must be picked up during our business hours only. We don't offer delivery. Please note won't be able to assist you with any pre-order requests here. 

Business Phone number. We do NOT have a business phone number but we will be very happy to receive your inquiry here or at one of our shops. 

NO Shipping. We do NOT ship our baked goods in the United States or anywhere else in the world. Please make sure to stop by our shops to purchase your favorite food items. We won't help you with any shipping requests here. 

Wholesale inquiries. We do NOT accept wholesale inquiries from other businesses at this time so we can focus on our two shops and provide the best customer service to our community. However, individuals are welcome to place their prepaid preorders at our shops.

Thank you for your understanding! We appreciate your business. 


Our Taos shop is located on 216 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte and open from Wednesday through Saturday 8:30am - 2pm. On Saturdays, let's meet at our booth during the Taos Farmers Market (TFM) season (May thru October). Get the directions to our Taos shop here

Open from Wednesday through Saturday 8:30am - 2pm, our Santa Fe shop is now in CHOMP Food Hall located on 505 Cerrillos Road. Get the directions to our Santa Fe shop here. 


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