Employee Success Story: Hunter Brown

Wild Leaven Bakery is thrilled to celebrate the successes of our team members. Training our employees so they may acquire competitive baking skills is a joyful journey we have embarked on since the start of our business in 2012.

These past few years, we have happily welcomed employees and interns who need to apply or hone the baking skills they have learned through their school programs. This is our small contribution to ensuring a competitive continuity of excellent bakers in New Mexico and beyond.  

In this employee success story, our former team member Hunter Brown shares his experience at our Taos location. He worked from July 6, 2023, until October 28, 2023. The responses were collected directly from Hunter so you may hear his story in his own words. If you're interested or you know someone who may be interested in becoming our intern or our employee at our Taos or Santa Fe location, please submit your job application here.



   Hunter helps out with the food production of our Taos location during the summer of 2023                                 (Photo credit: Wild Leaven Bakery)


Hi Hunter, we're glad you're here! Could you tell us about yourself?  

Hello, my name is Hunter. I was born and grew up in the Ozarks of Missouri, went to College along the front range of the Colorado Rockies, and currently reside in northern New Mexico. I have made various travels throughout my life … the places I go, the people I meet, and the languages I encounter – what is spoken and otherwise – are what fuels my existence. I read widely and write what I believe needs speaking. 


How did you hear about Wild Leaven Bakery 

When I moved to northern New Mexico I knew I needed to find work. Thankfully, a roommate of mine had lived in Taos for 20+ years and thought she had heard Wild Leaven Bakery was hiring. She could not speak highly enough of the bakery, which piqued my interest. The next day I wrote a resume for the position.


Why did you choose to join the team of Wild Leaven Bakery?

What concerns me most in places of business is the passion for the work people have. From the beginning, it was clear that Andre and Jessica loved what they did and did it with their entire beings. This confirmed to me that I would join a team that cared for the work, and in turn, cared for the products and customers. It felt right.


What were your expectations upon starting your summer work at Wild Leaven Bakery? Were your expectations met or else?

I had little expectations other than early mornings. That was met. Otherwise, I was surprised by how deeply embedded the bakery was with the community. Local farmers came by frequently with the most recent cultivation just to see if we were interested. If not, no problem, we will see them at the market. I did not realize the community the bakery was a part of.


What did you enjoy the most about your summer job at Wild Leaven Bakery?

The community. Taos is already a small place that can seem unwelcoming to outsiders, but I found that it readily welcomes those who wish to give to it. The bakery gives to Taos and is therefore welcomed by Taos. I was honored to be a part of that being welcomed, and even more honored to give what little I gave.


How was your work experience at Wild Leaven Bakery?

My work experience was great. I was able to learn much about food I have long enjoyed, bread, in many of its varieties. Being connected to the process of creation – mixing by hand, listening to the yeast responding to temperatures, working with the ovens, and ultimately making sure each loaf is up to standard – made me respect more the work of those I don’t see but still enjoy. Much of the work was behind the scenes, and even more satisfying.


What's your favorite part about working at Wild Leaven Bakery?

Knowing that the work was good. Wild Leaven Bakery uses the best ingredients in the simplest way to make the purest food. Unfortunately, that is hard to come by. You can see how grateful people are, and how much they appreciate it.


   Hunter takes a short break to smile for the camera (Photo credit: Wild Leaven Bakery)


What would be the advice or recommendation you would share with future interns/workers of Wild Leaven Bakery?

Ask questions, get to know the bread, get to know the people, and pay attention. Know the food and people are good. You are there to help that good be realized. 


What's next after your summer work at Wild Leaven Bakery?

I recently traveled to South America, which was a beautiful experience. I hope to return to northern New Mexico and engrain myself deeper in its Earth and knowledge. It is a kind place, even in its harshness. 


What would you do differently now that you're about to wrap up your summer work at Wild Leaven Bakery?

I would ask more questions, know the bread better, get to know more people, and pay better attention. These are not regrets, because what's been done is over, but points I am continually learning and points the bread can teach. Many times in the making, I thought, “I should have done this,” which became, “Next time, I can try that.”


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