The 2022 Taos Farmers Market's season is upon us!


Spring is in the air, and we look forward to meeting you at our Taos Farmers Market's booth from 8am - 12:30pm starting tomorrow Saturday 05/14

Besides stimulating our local economy, your attendance at the Taos Farmers Market (TFM) will help you to connect with your local community, discover various flavors and treats, and promote sustainability. As you will get to know where your food comes from, your shopping experience will be social and fun. It's a great opportunity to purchase your fruit and vegetables from local farmers and discover local producers.

Throughout the season, we source our delicious and fresh produce from the Taos Farmers Market because we know we're buying premium quality food items at an affordable price. As a family and business owners, we always look forward to meeting our fellow local producers, farmers friends and you.