Wild Leaven Bakery opens new Santa Fe shop


Wild Leaven Bakery has successfully of its new shop on Wednesday December 8, 2021. Located in downtown Santa Fe on 130 N Guadalupe Street, the shop operates from Wednesday through Saturday 8am - 2pm. The press and the public are invited to visit this new addition to the bubbling Santa Fe culinary scene.

Husband and wife team Andre and Jessica Kempton launched their small family business Wild Leaven Bakery to strengthen the local food economy in Northern New Mexico, one loaf of bread at a time.

“We launched Wild Leaven Bakery in Taos and have experienced great success at our first brick-and-mortar shop there, but also at the Taos Farmers market held between May through October every year, but” said Kempton, “the opening of our Santa Fe shop is a mark of our growth and the continuous support from our valued customers who have been asking to open one for a while now. As the world opens and by popular demand, we are honored to announce the opening of our new shop located in downtown Santa Fe.”

The Santa Fe shop offers Wild Leaven Bakery’s standard sourdough bread and pastries along with some new food items such as their Heirloom sourdough baguettes and country loaves. They will be serving Challah on Fridays, Ciabatta on Fridays, and Saturdays, as well their housemade local and organic soups which are vegan and gluten-free. All day long, stop by to enjoy a cup of their housemade Chai.

As the importance of a healthy and resilient local food economy became crystal clear than ever amid the pandemic, Wild Leaven Bakery aims to remain an integral part in food security for our region by sourcing organic ingredients and supporting farmers and ranchers located in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado bioregion, while giving priority to heritage and heirloom grains.


About Wild Leaven Bakery

Wild Leaven Bakery is a small family-owned and operated business that specializes in long fermentation sourdough bread using organic, local grains and ingredients. With the mission to strengthen our strong local food economy, Wild Leaven Bakery supports farmers and ranchers located in the Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado bioregion, while giving priority to heritage and heirloom grains. Stop by their Taos and Santa Fe shops for their artisanal sourdough bread, you will stay for their housemade pastries, sweets, or soups.